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I-League - January 31 2016 07:00 PM

Tilak Maidan Stadium

Salgaocar FC

Darryl Duffy 41'
1 : 1

Aizawl FC

  • 14
    Gilbert OLIVEIRA replaces Aslon OLIVEIRA.
  • 16
    Keenan ALMEIDA plays a corner kick that could bring the opener. He plays a long ball towards one of his teammates. The danger is cleared by the defense.
  • 19
    So close! Jackichand SINGH TELEM delivers a nice shot. The player brushes the ball with the inside of his left foot from the flank. Soram Poirei Anganba delivers an ultimate save from close range. Jackichand SINGH TELEM could have changed things.
  • 24
    Almost! Gurjinder KUMAR delivers a dangerous shot. The player brushes the ball with the inside of his left foot from the penalty spot. But Soram Poirei Anganba not only manages to save it but he also holds on to it. Gurjinder KUMAR almost broke the deadlock.
  • 31
    H. LALBIAKTHANGA concedes a free kick. Gurjinder KUMAR takes the free kick. He crosses the ball into the penalty area but doesn't get past the defense's attention.
  • 40
    Just wide! F. LALRINPUIA delivers a nice shot but he is not accurate enough. The player brushes the ball with the inside of his left foot just outside the 18 yard box but it's off target. F. LALRINPUIA almost broke the deadlock.
  • 41
    GOAL for Salgaocar FC! After a muddle, Darryl DUFFY has a scoring opportunity from the 6 yard box. He hits the ball with his right shin cutting the grass into the left side of the goal. The goalkeeper is beaten on a breakaway. Salgaocar FC is now leading.
  • 44
    The clock will be extended to make up for the 2 minutes of stoppage time. That's a few extra minutes to level the score before the break.
  • 45
    Augustin Melwyn FERNANDES concedes a free kick following a foul on Aizawl FC. Yuta Kinowaki takes the free kick. He plays it short but doesn't get past the defense's attention.
  • 45+1
    Brandon VL comes in for Atsushi Yonezawa.
  • 48
    R. MALSAWMTLUANGA plays a corner kick to help Aizawl FC to get back in the game. He tries a long pass towards one of his teammates. F. LALRINPUIA can give it a try but his attempt is completely missed.
  • 62
  • 67
    David LALRINMUANA comes in for Labiakhlua ..
  • 71
    David LALRINMUANA hits a corner kick that might bring the equalizer. He crosses the ball into the box. But the defense clears the threat.
  • 73
    Foul by Darryl DUFFY on Yuta Kinowaki. R. MALSAWMTLUANGA takes the free kick. He tries to combine.
  • 79
    Rocus LAMARE concedes a free kick following a foul on David LALRINMUANA. Brandon VL takes the free kick. He aims directly for the goal but the goalkeeper catches the attempt.
  • 90
    The clock will be extended to make up for the 5 minutes of stoppage time. That's a few extra minutes to level the score before the final whistle.
  • 90+1
    PENALTY! The referee points out the penalty spot after a foul on Alfred KEMAH JARYAN by Reagan SINGH. R. MALSAWMTLUANGA is going to try to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • 90+2
    Goal! R. MALSAWMTLUANGA bends a lash and the goal keeper is too slow. R. MALSAWMTLUANGA belts Aizawl FC level.
  • 90+5
    The referee blows the final whistle. It's all over. Salgaocar FC 1 - Aizawl FC 1. No winner here.

Salgaocar FC


Aizawl FC

  • 1 Goal 1
  • 38% Possession 62%
  • 10 Shots 20
  • 4 Shot On Target 8
  • - Pass -
  • - Pass Complete -
  • 13 Fouls 16
  • 5 Offsite 3
  • 2 Corner 6
  • 3 Yellow Card 0
  • 0 Red Card 0
Atsushi Yonezawa
Soram Poirei Anganba
Yuta Kinowaki
H. Lalbiakthanga
F. Lalrinpuia
R Malsawmtluanga

Aizawl FC played their 5th match of the Hero I-League 2015-2016 season at Tilak Maidan, Vasco da Gama, Goa. The home team Salgaocar FC came in the game yet to register their first point in this installment of the I-League looking to end their streak of misfortune, the visiting team Aizawl FC too are in dire need for a point after collecting only three points from three successive home matches. The teams contested for possession throughout the game, Aizawl FC have more possession of the ball but the Goan's defended well with their five men defense line. The home team drew first blood in the 43rd minute with Duffy scoring for the host, the away team fought hard in the second half and equalised from a penalty kick in the 91st minute to end the match Salgaocar FC 1-1 Aizawl FC, at the end of the day it's a first for both teams, Salgaocar FC registered their first point of the season, Aizawl FC too registered their first away point of the season.

Who's Playing?
Poirei is back between the post after missing two matches, the rest of the backline stays the same.

The midfield saw a new face, Japanese import Atsushi start the match for the first time, the Japanese plied his trade on the left wing with Biaktea on the right, Yuta, Ms-a and Bt-a form the midfield triangle for Aizawl FC.

Spanish Head Coach Manuel employ the 4-5-1 formation with F.Lalrinpui (Valpuia) playing the lone striker.

The First Half
Right off the start Aizawl FC were on the attack, center back Chullova had an attempt on goal in the starting minutes. The away team looked more likely to take the lead in the minutes that followed but their lack of penetration coupled with the five men defense line of Salgaocar FC denied them to create any clear chance in the first half.

Aizawl FC's F.Lalrinpuia came close to opening the score in the 42nd minute after his shot missed the target.

43rd minute Goal - The home team scored the first goal after Darryl Duffy bulldozed through Aizawl FC's backline to receive Gurjinder's long ball leaving him one on one with Goalkeeper Poirei, the Scott made no mistake. Salgaocar FC 1-0 Aizawl FC.

The first half whistle follows and the teams walk back to their dressing rooms with the home team leading by a goal.

The Second Half
Aizawl FC made a change in the second half, Yonezawa Out, Brandon In.

The first chance of the second half came in the 54minute, Lalbiakhlua (Biaktea) beat his marker in the right wing and delivered a cross into the box, Captain Yuta connected with the cross but his weak header posed no threat for Salgaocar FC's Goalkeeper Karanjit.

Aizawl FC made substitutions in the 63rd and the 68th minute, Biaktea and Bta made way for Alfred and David. The substitutions create more dimension for Aizawl FC.

Salgaocar FC appeals for a penalty kick in the 69th minute but the refree pointed the corner flag, in the 72nd minute the home team caught the visiting team with a counter attack, a two on one. The Goans failed to take full advantage of their chance.

At this point, the game is all about Aizawl FC who bombard Salgaocar FC's backline from all sides. The best chance of the second half came when David Rinmuana's shot whistled past the post.

In the 87th minute Ruatthara made a fantastic overlapping run, the wing back delivered a cross to the box but Aizawl FC's forward Valpuia failed to direct the ball goal ward.

At this point it looked like Salgaocar FC is at the edge of their first I-League 2015-16 victory.

90mins Penalty Kick - The host defended deep, substitute Brandon beat his marker on the left flank, passes the ball to Alfred K. Jaryan inside the box, Salgaocar FC's Reagan Singh tackled the Liberian hard from the back. The refree pointed the penalty spot.

91 mins - GOALLL Aizawl FC - Ms-a stepped up for Aizawl FC, the midfielder calmly took his penalty kick and sent the keeper the other way.

Aizawl FC's Malsawmtluanga (Ms-a) equalised from the penalty spot.

The final whistle follows, both teams share a point each after a hard fought match.