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MFA Super Cup - August 25 2016 06:30 PM

AR Ground, Lammual

Chawnpui FC

0 : 1

Aizawl FC

Chawnpui FC


Aizawl FC

  • 0 Goal 1
  • - Possession -
  • - Shots -
  • - Shot On Target -
  • - Pass -
  • - Pass Complete -
  • - Fouls -
  • - Offsite -
  • - Corner -
  • - Yellow Card -
  • - Red Card -

Aizawl FC scored a goal to seal their place in the Final of the MFA Super Cup 2016, Aizawl FC’s Lalrinzuala scored the only goal of the match in the 68th minute.

Aizawl FC was clearly the better team in both halves but the Mizoram Premier League team once again struggled infront of goal, this is something that troubles us in our past matches.

Chawnpui FC upped their game after conceding a goal but it was all too late for the men in blue and yellow.


Who’s Playing?

Formation: 4-4-2

Starting Eleven:

GK    - T Mawia

LB     - Ricky
LCB  - Jonathan
RCB  - Lalruatthara
RB    - Rinzuala

LCM  - Bt-a
RCM - Vl-a
LW    - Rochhara
RW   - Albert (C)
LF     - Mends

RF     - Duata


Coach K.Malsawmkima gave Jonathan Lalhriatkima his first start of the season and the Academy graduate did not disappoint his coach, the young centre back kept his cool throughout the game and didn’t fumble pressure.


The First Half

Aizawl FC being the I-League club was the better team on paper, the gap in quality and talent showed early on. We had an early crack on goal but the keeper calmly collects the ball.

Rochharzela tested Chawnpui FC’s goalkeeper with his dipping free kick, the custodian was fully stretched to push the ball over the woodwork for a corner kick.

Aizawl FC played a fluent attacking play but struggled to find target in the chances they create, the creativity is eminent but the goal is just not coming.

Rochharzela had another chance to score past the half way mark but the winger failed to score an open goal and at the end of the first half, the teams are even.


The Second Half

The restart saw Aizawl FC’s creative midfielder Rohmingthanga coming in place of VL. Ṭhazuala (VL-a). The coach would have liked to rest his veteran midfielder but the situation demands the presence of a cool head in the centre of the pitch to better orchestrate the attacking play.

Chawnpui FC played their counter attacking game and defended in numbers and Aizawl FC struggled to create an opening in the second half as their opponents refused to attack and stayed deep in their half to keep their goal safe.

Rinzuala scored the only goal of the match, the setup was simple but the move was slick. Rohmingthanga lays a low ball for Albert instead of taking his chance at goal from the free-kick, Albert dummies a defender to set the ball for Rinzuala and the defender slots the ball into the near post leaving the keeper no chance to react.

Chawnpui FC have conceded a goal and have to push for goal to have a chance at playing the Final, but as fatigue runs in it was already an uphill struggle for the first division club. The underdogs managed to create some chances but nothing too hard for goalkeeper Zothanmawia.

Rochharzela was clear inside the box after beating his defender to the ground but failed to make his solo effort count as his shot was saved by the goalkeeper. Rohmingthanga too takes a shot on goal at the edge of the box but his effort was a few inches off target.

The men in red needed a win and scored a goal to seal their place in the Final of the MFA Super Cup. The team have won the Independence Day Tournament and Mizoram Premier League in the past but the Super Cup has been beyond our reach in the past seasons. The seasons MFA Super Cup Final is our best chance at writing a new record in club history, with hard work and perseverance anything is possible.