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MFA Super Cup - August 23 2016 05:00 PM

Lammual Stadium

Bethlehem Vengthlang FC

1 : 4

Aizawl FC

Bethlehem Vengthlang FC


Aizawl FC

  • 1 Goal 4
  • - Possession -
  • - Shots -
  • - Shot On Target -
  • - Pass -
  • - Pass Complete -
  • - Fouls -
  • - Offsite -
  • - Corner -
  • - Yellow Card -
  • - Red Card -

Aizawl FC to the Semi-Final of MFA Super Cup 2016

Today we played our quarter final match against Bethlehem Vengthlang FC and won 4-1 in the penalty shoot-out. If we are to count the chances we missed during the match it could have ended by a wide margin, but luck favors the prepared and our luck counts in the penalty shootout. Though the match lacked a goal during the ninety minutes of play, the match was lively as both team are pushing for the only goal throughout the game.



Who’s Playing?

Formation: 4-4-2

Starting Eleven:

GK – Op-a

LB – Ricky

LCB – Chullova

RCB – Ruatthara

RB – Rinzuala

LW – Brandon

LCM – B. Thara

RCM – Rohminga (C)

LW – Albert

LF – Remsanga

RF – Mends



The First Half


Aizawl FC had a bright start and had a shot on goal five minutes after the first whistle, left winger Brandon set forward Mends clear off the backline but the Ghanaian failed to convert in his 1v1 chance with the keeper.


Aizawl FC was clearly the better side and managed to dictate play, creating chances in between.


Albert worked a one-two pass with academy graduate Lalremsanga but failed to make the return ball count.


Captain Rohmingthanga’s effort with his beautifully curved free kick hits the far post.


Albert had the best chance of the first half off a ball from Brandon but the winger though right infront of goal failed to place the ball on target.


Lalremsanga too created a chance of his own and finishes his first touch with a quick half volley but the defender managed to block the ball and clear it to safety.

Not much action at our end but at the end of the first half the score is even at 0-0.


The Second Half


The second 45 minutes saw Bethlehem Vengthlang FC improving their game and taking chance with their fast paced attackers.


The men in white and blue came mighty close to scoring five minutes after the restart, but the ball was cleared off the line.


Bright Mends had a chance half way in the second half but the Ghanaian forward chose to take the shot first instead of settling the ball and fails to hit the target with his shot.


A few minutes later Albert dribbled past two defenders on the right, drifts into the penalty box and sends a good crossball but there was no one to receive the ball, another good chance wasted.


As both teams failed to score a goal, the referee blows the final whistle of the match after the added minutes are played to decide the winner of the game by a penalty kick.


The Penalty Shootout


Aizawl FC’s centre back Lalramchullova stepped up for the first penalty kick and had no problem keeping his team in the lead, Bethlehem Vengthlang FC’s centre back Lalhlimpuia took the first shot for his team but the Defender sends his kick well over the bar. At the end of the first round of kick, we lead by 1-0.


B.Thara took the second kick for Aizawl FC, the keeper dived in the right direction but B.Thara’s shot was at the right spot well off the reach of the outstretched keeper. PC Zosanga took the second penalty kick for Bethlehem Vengthlang FC, for the second time Bethlehem Vengthlang FC failed to have a goal in the penalty kick as Zosanga’s kick was denied by the woodwork, after two rounds of penalty kick we are leading two-nil.


Captain Rohmingthanga took the third penalty for Aizawl FC and had no trouble infront of goal, Lalrammuana too had no trouble and gave his team a breather keeping the penalty score at 3-1 after three rounds of penalty kick.


After three rounds of penalty kicks, we are leading by three goals to one another goal will take us to the semi-final. Lalrinzuala stepped up to take the fourth penalty, the right back had no problem with pressure as he buries Bethlehem Vengthlang FC’s hope for the semi-final.


Aizawl FC had won on penalty for the second time, the club somehow struggled infront of goal. Luck has been on our side and luck is when preparation meets opportunity, we are prepared for the best.