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I-League - February 20 2016 02:00 PM

Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

Aizawl FC

2 : 0

Mumbai FC

  • 12
    LALCHAWNKIMA is signaled offside.
  • 14
    Foul by Eric BROWN . He is going in the book with a yellow. That's no way to start a match.
  • 29
    Albert ZOHMINGMAWIA is judged to be in an offside position.
  • 30
    Allan DIAS has injured himself and the injury is too bad for him to continue. A substitute is probabaly going to replace him.
  • 33
    Alfred KEMAH JARYAN goes too far and ends up being offside.
  • 36
    Albert ZOHMINGMAWIA is signaled offside.
  • 42
    Yuta Kinowaki replaces R. MALSAWMTLUANGA.
  • 45
    Yinka Joel SUNDAY comes in for B. ZORAMTHARA
  • 43
    The clock will be extended to make up for the 2 minutes of stoppage time. A perfect time to score a goal. The referee whistles the end of the period.
  • 68
    GOAL for Aizawl FC! After this combination of passes concluded by H. LALMUANKIMA's assist, Yinka Joel SUNDAY gets out of his marking in the 6 yard box. He pummels the ball with his right toe cutting the grass into the left side of the goal. The goalkeeper wasn't in position. This could be the winning goal.
  • 72
    GOAL for Aizawl FC! After this combination of passes concluded by Albert ZOHMINGMAWIA's assist, H. LALMUANKIMA gets out of his marking in the 6 yard box. He brushes the ball strongly with his right toe just above the ground, on the left of the goal. The goalkeeper is beaten on a breakaway. This goal puts the result beyond doubt.
  • 83
  • 90
    There will be 2 minutes of additional time. A few minutes more to make a difference.
  • 92
    It's all over. Aizawl FC 2 - Mumbai FC 0. A convincing win by Aizawl FC.

Aizawl FC


Mumbai FC

  • 2 Goal 0
  • 55% Possession 45%
  • 15 Shots 6
  • 8 Shot On Target 1
  • 339 Pass 353
  • 270 Pass Complete 236
  • 4 Fouls 6
  • 9 Offsite 1
  • 4 Corner 5
  • 0 Yellow Card 1
  • 0 Red Card 0
H. Lalbiakthanga
Albert Zohmingmawia
H Lalmuankima
Alfred Kemah Jaryan
R Malsawmtluanga

Aizawl FC 2-0 Mumbai FC.


Aizawl FC played host to Mumbai FC and defeated their visitors with a final score of 2-0, after playing a goalless first half the home team played a much better second half and scored both goals in a span of two minutes to seal the second win of the Hero I-League 2015-2016 season. During the pre-match press conference both the coaches mentioned their teams will play an attacking game today, the crowds who came to Rajiv Gandhi got their tickets worth - 90 minutes of footballing goodness and a well-deserved win for the home team. Aizawl FC’s Head Coach Jahar Das and his team have secured 4 points from 2 matches, a good start by anyone’s standard.


Team Aizawl FC, Who is playing?


The team saw another new face for the second time, Jahar Das included H. Lalmuankima to the starting eleven in his first match as Head Coach of Aizawl FC, in his second match Mk-a is back on the starting eleven with the inclusion of B. Thara who played his debut I-league match today, the attacking midfielder played a vital role, linking with centre forward Alfred.


Aizawl FC’s longest serving goalkeeper T. Mawia stands between the post, his defence line received minor shuffling, regular centre back Chullova swaps position with Ruatthara who paired with Kim Kima in the middle of Aizawl FC’s back line, Chullova takes the right back while Ricky remained in his usual left back position.


The midfield consists of Bt-a, Ms-a, B.Thara in the middle, Albert on the left and Mk-a on the right. A composition purely of local talents, born and raised in the soil of Mizoram, a prove of the development of football in Mizoram and a testament of what Aizawl FC have always been trying -  develop and use local talent.


Once again Alfred played the role of the lone striker after playing as an attacking midfielder in the match against Shillong Lajong FC.



The First Half


Both teams had a good start, Aizawl FC were on attach straight off the whistle but Mumbai FC didn’t stand still, the visitors knocked back with a strong attack and possession to back their dominance in the early minutes of the game. As the minutes add up Aizawl FC started to muscle their way into the game and did their usual – control possession and attack, but this time around the attacks of Aizawl FC have been much more straight forward, a no nonsense straight to goal attack.


In the 7th minute, Aizawl FC caught Mumbai FC with a counter attack, B. Thara’s weak first touch lets him down, easy work for the goal keeper.


In the 11th minute attacking midfielder B. Thara  turns provider, his cross ball fell to Mka but the winger mistimed his run, made weak connection with the ball and the shot went wide.


Mka went past his defender on the left flank, took a shot, the keeper stood still, luckily enough the ball hit the woodwork.


Aizawl FC made their first substitution in the 42nd minute, Ms-a Out, Yuta In.


For most of the first half the wingers were the most entertaining, Mumbai FC have their Captain Jayesh Rane, a player very comfortable with the ball and got lots of pace, Aizawl FC have Albert on the right and Mk-a on the left these two wingers proved too hard to deal with for Mumbai FC on many occasions.



The Second Half


The teams were quite even in the first half, the second half is all Aizawl FC. The home teams defended well, works like a team, strong in the midfield and always dangerous when they attack.



Seven minutes from the restart new signing Joel was on target, his shot to the far corner was punched clear by the Goalkeeper.


Aizawl FC came very close to scoring the opening goals in the 60th minute following a corner kick, the goal keeper pulled a fine safe to keep the score level at 0-0.


In the 62nd minute Aizawl FC’s right wing back Chullova raced past a few defender and delivered the ball for the on rushing Yuta, his pass had a little to much momentum, the fully stretched Yuta was unable to have a good connection with the ball. That aside, a very good attacking play, one for the crowd.


In the minute that followed its Albert versus two tall Mumbai FC defenders, the winger dribbled past these defenders inside the box, but was tackled by the third defender, corner kick Aizawl FC.

66th minute - GOALLLLLL!!!!! H. Lalmuankima (Mk-a) finds space on the left after beating his marks man to the line, delivered a perfectly paced low cross, new signing Joel Sunday Ayeni made no mistake in placing the ball past the keeper. 1-0 Aizawl FC.


68th minute – GOALLLLLL!!!!! It Mk-a on the scoreline, the winger who assisted the first goal scored the second off a cross ball from Albert. These two wingers have been the most entertaining.


Aizawl FC made a tactical change and brought on Imanuel Lalthazuala for Albert who received a round of applause for his performance today. It’s clear, Aizawl FC have decided to play a defensive game, they are happy with their two goals.


The refree blows his whistle after the added minutes were played, three points Aizawl FC.