d to relax, bu.t tired I do not know what to do Shen Yao sighed, or got up, and then turn over the question asked Fang Fengyu how about today s lunch Fang Fengyu three dirty a prime one soup, yes. This is already very generous in the box lunch. Shi Qingyu took Fang Fengyu over the lunch, eyes seem to become blurred, she shook her head, or do not see clearly, she rubbed his eyes, suddenly a black eyes, even fainted in the past. Shen Yao and Fang Fengyu frightened Qing Yu Shi Qingyu studio injury, is now rushed to the hospital The news came out, suddenly spread throughout the whole network. Zhou Huaijin see the news, immediately set a ticket, and then hit the phone Qingqing Yu, apparently no one then, and Fang Fengyu, also shut down, and this.time to find his Informatica Certification sure many. Zhou Huaijin can only play to Lou Tianxiang, Lou Tianxiang still in the studio, see the caller ID, hand quickly opened the corner to turn the king cola. Brother. Lou Tianxiang Zhou Huaijin s cousin husband, so the call is normal, but this is very careful tone that is not dead relatives. Now rushed to the hospital, Qing Yu Informatica it exam s illness always Informatica told me. Lou Tianxiang did not dare to ask Zhou Huaijin why broke up so concerned about Shi Qingyu, immediately agreed, although his wife and Zhou Huaijin do not, but his mind clear, Zhou Huaijin may tolerate his wife, he can be no scruples, he should stand firm, only Can be Zhou Huaijin, so he and Meng Man Jiao a marriage, and Meng Man Jiao a

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
PR000007 PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x:Developer Specialist Informatica Developer Specialist
PR000041 PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x:Developer Specialist Informatica Developer Specialist