the crowd into the room. But she did not dare to return to his room, but with everyone sitting in the living room. Zhuang Hao gan sitting in the main seat, Xu mother moved his chair on his side, so Ling Xuan holding Peas next to him to sit down, so the other side of the main seat out to Chen Princess. Wait until the crowd sat down, Zhuang Hao will be Lingxuan Cisco Business Value Specialist just and he said, pondering some later, only said These days continue to rain, had just that shock is afraid of where the problem, white Ze, you a. nd East Road to go out and Cisco Certification see what the first time to report Yes Bai Ze and the East Road was made, stature flash, went out. The mother of the mother, to help her mother to check the number of food at home, the conditions permit, prepare for disaster relief. White mother and Xu mother was ordered, nodded, the two also went out. Mai Xiang, you take exquisite wishful, see how much cotton and cloth at home, these days to make some clothes out of spare Mai Xiang led the life, but also with Ruyi Delicate, went out togeth. er. Han group, if it is landslides, then you arranged, let people come, the road clean up Jiang Hanqun in the summer of Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist